Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let it Snow!

February 26, 2013

How are you guys doing? How is the weather? Is it warming up yet? We just got 2 pretty big snow storms this week. It put down another 10 inches of snow. Tell Alex Happy (28th?) Birthday for me. I got the Valentines package the other day. That was nice. Thank everyone for all the goodies. Especially for the Star Wars stuff ha, and the heart box with a mustache on it. Thank you for the money. That really helps. So things have been going pretty good this week. We are planning on 2 baptisms this Saturday. One seems pretty shaky though. I think it will get postponed. We still haven't gotten the car back yet so we are still walking a lot. That's really cool that Karlie and Mallory got their calls. I already heard that she got called to Korea, but I didn't know that Karlie was going to Japan. That is pretty exciting. If she leaves in April then it looks like we will get off our missions at the same time. Well, hope all of you have a good week. I attached some pictures to this email so you all could check them out. 

Take care/ I love you.
Love Elder John Daniel Jensen

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