Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A few weeks later...

January 31, 2013
Hey guys,
How are things going? Sorry I didn't E-mail the last 2 weeks. Didn't have much time. We recently moved into a trailer park so that took up a whole Tuesday, barely had enough time to read the emails before I had to leave for a lesson. and then last week for some reason the computers were not working. These last 2 weeks have been pretty good. We had zone conference last Thursday, that was really good. My mission president used to be a motivational speaker so he gives really good talks. This weekend was really fun. I had a baptism in my old area so I got to go back to Benson and see my buddy Harold get baptized and we also had one of our investigators here in Brigham City get baptized as well. This 9 year old boy named A.J. was the second and we also got to see him get confirmed on Sunday.
So the other week we moved into this trailer park...
The trailer is pretty cool, It's actually a lot nicer and gives us more space than our last apartment. So that's good. The pipes freeze up really easily though. We had a little colder weather than usual (-5) so everything got frozen, so now we are told to keep everything dripping until march so they don't freeze again. Yesterday it got down to -7 and my comp pulled the car over and pulled out his camera to take a pic of the thermometer ha. He is from Cali so It must have been a big deal for him to be in negative temps. I thought it was pretty funny. Things here in Brigham are getting a lot better. The work was super slow over the holidays, but now it is picking back up. I met a member who used to cut hair for a living, so me and my comp got haircuts from him the other day. It's nice to serve in Utah because almost everyone is willing to help out the missionaries in whatever way they can. Do you guys see any of the missionaries back home? Have you invited them over for dinner yet? Did you guys get to watch the CES Devotional on the BYU channel. Pres Uchtdorf talked. I heard it was really good. Today for P-day we just kind of chilled for a while and then went down to Ogden to go bowling. I was able to finish reading the book Jesus the Christ. That book is really good. Been doing a lot of reading lately. I think I'm going to start the book The Miracle of Forgiveness, but just listen to it on CD so it's easier and I won't be tired of reading when it's study time for the scriptures. So how are things back home? How is the weather? Done anything fun recently? How are the sports going? I hear there isn't a lockout anymore for the NHL and that the 49ers and Ravens are going to the super bowl. Well hope you all have a good week. Love ya
Love Elder Jensen

(a second email...)
Things getting fun up there in Fairbanks? I'm doing pretty good. The trailer is pretty cool. It gives us lots of chances to meet new people who aren't members. Most non members live in the poor parts of town so it's good to have all the work close to home ha plus it's good because living in a trailer humbles people which makes it easier for us to get our foot in the door and share the gospel with them. We already got 3 new gators in one day so that's a plus! Transfers were just last Tuesday so I got my new comp on Wednesday. His name is Elder Jorgensen. He is pretty fun. He is from Vegas. Seems like the church is getting a lot bigger over in sin city. So I have been taking lots of pictures but I forgot the chord that connects to the computer so I can't download and send them to you guys in emails. :( if you could, can you look for it and then mail it to me please. How is Alex's family doing? I drive past Washington Terrace quite a bit whenever we have to go to the mission office. So Mitch already left? To the MTC or the mission field? Well hope everything is going well. hope you guys have an awesome week! Love ya
Love Elder John!

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