Tuesday, February 26, 2013

John got a BBQ (It's his favorite way to cook)

February 12, 2013

How are you? I have been doing pretty good. We definitely are staying busy with all the teaching that has been going on. We have had to go on a lot of splits with priests recently because we have a lot of appointments double booked so we have to divide and conquer. Our trailer is doing a lot better. The roof is still leaking but everything else is working good. The trailer we live in is over 50 years old apparently. The stake presidency is looking around for a better place for us to live for location and living standards and also one that is free since the mission pays about 600 per month for the trailer. Today was pretty good. Went to a sock store and got some new socks, it was good because I needed some nice socks for all the walking outside. I also got a mini BBQ so we can start grilling instead of using the oven. Maybe you know some good recipes for cooking hamburgers and hot dogs? Maybe even steaks? Yesterday for dinner we had lamb steaks at this member's house for dinner and than he took us out to his barn and showed us all the brand new baby lambs. It was really cool, and we got to hold the new born lambs. That was out in Honeyville, the farm town. We recently picked up a new investigator out in Honeyville who is Catholic and wants to be baptized, so that's really cool and super rare. Out here most Catholics turn us down. This guy seems really solid and cool though. Both him and his daughter plan on getting baptized in March. In the same town there is this little store that an older lady owns and she is one of the few nonmembers in the area so we always visit the store and buy HI-chews( missionaries love HI-chews) just so we can talk to her and be like "Are you sure you don't want to meet with the missionaries?". So far she hasn't budged, but we got her little son really interested. We hope that turns into something good. We should be out visiting a lot more when we get the car back. The office says it should be about another 3-4 weeks. We had to ask a lot of people( to drive us around for p-day) before we found someone who wasn't busy already. P-days have been a lot more chill lately. We went to the Temple this morning and did initiatories, which was pretty cool. The Brigham City temple is really nice. Since it is so close we will probably go every week. Has there been any ward temple trips recently?? Now that Brianna is 12 she can go down to Anchorage and do baptisms for the dead! Well I got to go. Have a good week. I love you all.

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