Monday, April 15, 2013


March 5, 2013
Hey Guys,
I'm doing well. Today was transfer day, but I ended up not getting transferred. I'm pretty happy about that. My comp and I are both staying in the Brigham North area. It's a pretty cool place. We live on 400 N main in Brigham if you want to Google map search the trailer park ha it's pretty ghetto. I think this is Ian's last day in the mission. That's pretty cool. When will he be back home? We had a baptism last Saturday of a boy named Travis. He was pretty golden so it only took 3 weeks from the time we taught him till his baptism, so that was really cool. We have a few more investigators that are pretty prepared for baptism. We should have 3 by next transfer. It would have been 4 but this foster kid we were teaching got arrested for having marijuana in school. :( it was weird because he is only like 14. All in all it has been a good week. Hope everyone is doing okay. I love you
Love, Elder J. Jensen

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