Monday, April 15, 2013

John's In Bear River

March 31, 2013
How is everyone doing? Good to hear that Easter went well. I got your Easter package yesterday. That was nice. Thank you. So how are things back home? What is Ian up to? Do you guys still watch that show "The Voice". It's kind of like American Idol. Well one of the singers on the show lives in Rexburg but, he is from Bear River (where I am serving now) and he sang at one of our Easter Sacrament meetings. It was pretty cool. Their names are Fred and Danny Hayes. So this week has been pretty good and busy. We taught a lot of lessons and will have 2 baptisms next week, for these girls named Sassy R. and Gracy V. We drove up to the Huntsville Valley to help some other Elders make some visits since they were out of a car and are in a pretty big area. Huntsville is super nice. That is close to where all the cool ski resorts are in Utah, So there are a ton of mansion vacation homes there. There are also a lot of Catholics there. What religion are Nanny and Grandad? Catholic right? What type are they?? We were going to take this Catholic guy to General Conference with us, but his wife just divorced him so he moved away somewhere. Now we are taking this guy named Trenton and his dad who is a very Less active member. Also we went and checked out the Brigham Cemetery and we found the grave stone of the prophet, Lorenzo Snow. That was pretty cool. For P-day today we are going to go golfing with one of our ward mission leaders( if it doesn't rain). This will be my first time golfing! Also this week I'm going to try grilling again. I think I might BBQ some Colby ribs. Do you still have the recipe for that? Could you email that to me? That is pretty cool that Ian is looking into a BYU school. I had a Bro Lemon as my science teacher at Rexburg and I just had dinner with his dad yesterday. It's a pretty small Mormon world out here haha. Glad to hear you guys are doing good. Have a good week. I love you.
Love, Elder Jensen

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